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10.Capturing Media from Devices
11.Capturing Media from Analog Devices (Windows 98 only)
12.Exporting to Digital Video Camera
13.Keyboard Shortcuts

Video Edit Magic 4.47


Adding narration to your videos can do wonders for the atmosphere and professionalism of your video.  By adding witty remarks, a running commentary or descriptions of certain objects, you can make watching your videos fun.  All you need is a microphone and some imagination.

To add narration:

  1. Make sure that you have a microphone connected to your PC and that it is correctly configured.

  2. Open the Tools menu and click Narration.  The Narration window appears.

  3. To change Audio Properties, click Options in the Narration dialog.  You can select a device from Audio Devices list.  Select the Audio Frequency.  You can select the Audio Bit Size as 8 Bits/Second or 16 Bits/Second.  Audio Type can be selected as Stereo or Mono. Audio Properties like Sound Quality, Input and Mixing can be changed.  Click OK.

  4. Tune Audio option opens the Audio Tuning Wizard.  You can set the Playback Level, Select Audio Recording Device and adjust Recording Volume using this wizard.

  5. To start recording your narration, position the slider where you want to start narrating and click Record in the Narration window.  The Timeline will automatically start playing in the Preview window, allowing you to synchronize your narration to the image.
  6. Click the Stop button on the Narration dialog when you are done with the narration.  You will be asked to save the audio file.  Save it at a location you like.  Once the file is saved, it will automatically be added to the Collections window and to the Timeline at the position of the Seek Slider.

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