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Print Projects and Tasks
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Team Task Manager 2.35

Team Task Manager: Print Projects and Tasks

Print Projects and Tasks

You can print the projects and tasks in the Task List and Gantt Chart.  This print option allows you to maintain a hard copy of the assignments for future reference. In the Projects section, arrange the task list to show the projects/task groups/tasks and the Gantt Chart view.

To take a print of the Task List and Gantt Chart, click on File >> Print.

The Printer section lets you choose a printer and print settings.  Click on the Name drop-down list to select a printer.  To change printer settings (such as paper size and orientation) click on Properties.  In the Copies section, enter the number of copies that you would like to print.  Press OK.  The job will be sent to the printer.

Visible tasks and projects will be printed.  The printed output will be identical to the current appearance of the Projects section.  The columns visible in the window will be printed and those not visible will be skipped.  The Gantt chart will be printed, if it is open.

Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated. All rights reserved.

Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.