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Team Task Manager 2.41

Status of the Task and the Percent Completed

There are four Status values for a Task:

  • Pending: A Pending Task is the one that needs to be completed. 
  • Completed: A Completed Task is one that has no more work to be done. 
  • Overdue: When the Due Date has been reached and the Task is still not complete it is displayed as an Overdue Task. 
  • On Hold: An On Hold task means that the task is frozen or is being planned.  No work should be done on a Task when it is on hold. 

By default, tasks are shown in red if Overdue, black if Pending, blue if On Hold, and green if Completed.  You can change these colors by clicking on Settings >> Display >> Status Color Preferences.

As a team member works on a Task, he/she should update the Percent Completed value.  This lets the Project Manager track progress.  Setting the Percent Completed to 100% automatically marks the Task as Completed and vice versa.  To update the completion percentage, open the task by double-clicking on it or right-click and select Edit.  Update the value in Percent Complete and click on OK.

A task group or task that is done can be marked complete by right-clicking on it and selecting Mark Complete.  The Status becomes "Completed" in the Task List and the name appears in green (the default color for showing completed tasks).

You can also update the task percentage from the Gantt Chart by moving the black line inside the horizontal bar.  The black line inside the horizontal bar indicates the percentage of the task completed.  This can be stretched  to update the percentage value and changes in the task status.

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