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Team Task Manager 2.41

Adding File Attachments to a Task

Team Task Manager allows you to add file attachments to a task.  Using Task Attachments helps you to keep relevant files in a place where anyone working on or viewing the task can easily locate them.  You can add a new task attachment while creating or editing a task.

How can I add an attachment to a task?

In the Projects section, to add an attachment to an existing task you need to double click on a task.  In the Edit Task screen, click on Attachments >> Add Files will be displayed.  Another way is to right click a task and select Attachments >> Add Files.

To view or open an attachment, open the task by double-clicking on it.  Click the Attachments button, point to Open and click the name of the file.

How can I remove a task attachment?

To remove a task attachment, you need to right click or double click on a Task.  Click on Attachments >> Remove and select the file to remove.  To remove all the attachments click on Remove All.

How many files can I attach to a task?

The maximum number of attachments per task is 5.

What is the largest file I can attach in a task?

A task attachment can not be greater than 2 MB in size.

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